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DFW Custody Lawyer - Child Support

DFW Child Support Attorney

Child support is designed to aid children of paternity, modifications, divorce or other family court situations. Child support is a common issue in divorce, but can also be a factor in other cases including but not limited too relocation, paternity, modifications, mediation, and non-parental custody. Because every family is different, child support can be calculated and figured differently even with a standard formula. You need an experience attorney to make sure your issues are properly represented.

Our attorneys have represented many clients with variety of child support needs such as: enforcing back child support, modifying existing child support obligations, or creating or establishing new child support. Please schedule your free consultation to see how we can best assist you and your family.

Calculating DFW Child Support

Child support payments are calculated differently depending on which state has your case. However, to get a basic idea of your child support perhaps suggested for your case, visit the Texas Attorney General Child Support Calculator.

In Texas, child support is calculated primarily by determining the net income of the non-custodial parent. To accomplish this, usually courts will review W2 pay stubs, tax returns, business financials, number of children involved in the family, previous cost of living needs of the children, etc. This determination can become more complicated if there is substantial investment property, unemployment, or children from other relationships. A lawyer can obtain the needed documents to accurately determine your families specific needs, even when income of the non-custodial parent is hard to determine or difficult to prove.

DFW Child Support Enforcing Child Support

When the parent charged with paying child support continues to fail to make payments or on time payments, you, an attorney or the state can file a contempt enforcement actions on an order. Our child support lawyers have handled many contempt and enforcement cases. We represent both the parties pursuing judgments and parties defending against them.

Our lawyers at have experience with child support cases brought by the state as well as child support cases filed through the Texas Attorney General Child Support office. To find the attorney best suited to meet your family law needs, Contact Us to schedule your free appointment.