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DFW Custody Lawyer - DFW Mediation

DFW Mediation

Many couples going through an amicable divorce who can agree on most issues might find mediation as a reasonable option. Perhaps you have agreed on some things but seem to have hit a wall on resolving some final conflict. We at DFW Custody Lawyer can provide DFW mediation to aid in smoothing out and assisting in those final elements of contention. We can be that reasonable chair between you and your Ex to make a difference.

Why Would I Use a Mediator?

For starters, it is usually considerable less in cost than hiring two attorneys and fighting out your disagreements in court. Mediation provides a third party negotiator/facilitator that can help bring resolution without the additional expense of a trial or multiple court appearance. Do we have to be in the same room? Mediation can be both a “caucus” style or a “shuttle” style to help reach agreements.

Different Styles of Mediation

“Caucus Style Mediation” Is where the mediator keeps both parties in the same room at the same time. Whereas “Shuttle Style Mediation” separates the parties completely. In addition to meeting styles there are also different pre-agreed upon rules that each mediator may enlist. For example, some mediators will act purely as a facilitator not expressing opinions, but working only to help both parties reach agreements. While others, will listen to the issues, negotiate with both parties, but injecting their opinions and influencing you to reach an amiable and reasonable solution.

If successful, legal paperwork still needs to be drafted and filed with the court. However the mediation process is usually quicker, less expensive and leaves the parties in a better position to keep talking in the future.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Parents should definitely consider mediation before resorting to a judge case with attorneys. Keep in mind, regardless of your negotiations, Texas courts prefer to keep both parents involved and with access to their kids. This means that agreements between parents will likely continue for years after a divorce is final. Mediation is a nicer tool that when used appropriately leaves both parties in a state of ongoing communication. Sometimes full blown custody and court cases create a prolonged scar on both the parents and the kids.

If you are interested in the mediation services, let us know when you Contact Us so that we can schedule an initial meeting to determine which type of mediation is right for your family. Based on our assessment we can then schedule additional joint meetings with you, your Ex or your partner.