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DFW Custody Lawyer - Paternity

DFW Paternity

According to the National Fatherhood Initiative website, father absence households create children at higher risk for: teen pregnancy, poverty, incarceration, crime, teen pregnancy, child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, education, and childhood obesity. Whether you are a mother seeking to determine the father, or a father stepping up to the plate to be involved in your child’s life, we can help.

In Texas, unmarried fathers not listed on a child’s birth certificate, do not have any legal rights until after paternity and court paperwork have been filed. Unmarried mothers seeking financial assistance for their child need to establish paternity with the father and process the necessary court paperwork. Additionally, we believe it is extremely important to foster a meaningful relationship between the child and the father. Paternity is not just the means for the child to receive financial resources but also the step necessary to nurture the bond the child will share with his father and extended grandparents.

How Our DFW Paternity Attorneys Can Help

Paternity is a complicated and private issue and we want to assist you and all your families needs. When we met for our initial free consultation we can discuss:

  • Your goals and reasons for establishing paternity of your child/children,
  • Explain the legal procedures and processes to help you make a wise decision,
  • Facilitate a DNA test with appropriate legal paperwork and representation,
  • File and defend your parenting rights to grant you access to your child/children,
  • File and terminate your paternity should such actions be in your best interest,
  • File and discuss types of custody if that is in the best interest of your child.

Contact Us so that we can setup your free initial consultation and assist your families needs.